Financial Management of Property, Plant and Equipment

This policy establishes the proper methods to account for facilities and equipment, including capitalization, depreciation, disposals and impairments, and various funding sources.

Keywords: facilities, equipment, capitalization, depreciation, disposals, mpairments, sponsored equipment, upgrades, improvements, fixed assets, property, plant, fabrication, building, land, Oracle assets,  inventory, componetize, moveable furnishings and equipment, MFE

Full Policy


Appendix A: Summary of Policy for Capital Equipment in Schools with Sponsored Research

Appendix B: Detailed Guidance on Capitalizing vs. Expensing Expenditures

Appendix C: Detailed Guidance on Depreciating Facilities and Equipment

Appendix D: Detailed Guidance on Disposals and Impairments

Appendix E: Detailed Guidance on Facilities and Equipment Funding

Appendix F: Fabrications Flowchart