Financial Management of Property, Plant and Equipment (Capital Assets and Equipment)

This policy establishes the proper methods to account for facilities and equipment, including capitalization, depreciation, disposals and impairments, and various funding sources.

Keywords: facilities, equipment, capitalization, depreciation, disposals, mpairments, sponsored equipment, upgrades, improvements, fixed assets, property, plant, fabrication, building, land, Oracle assets,  inventory, componetize, moveable furnishings and equipment, MFE

Full Policy


Appendix A: Summary of Policy for Capital Equipment in Schools with Sponsored Research

Appendix B: Detailed Guidance on Capitalizing vs. Expensing Expenditures

Appendix C: Detailed Guidance on Depreciating Facilities and Equipment

Appendix D: Detailed Guidance on Disposals and Impairments

Appendix E: Detailed Guidance on Facilities and Equipment Funding

Appendix F: Fabrications Flowchart