Forms and Reference Materials


Accounts Payable Forms and Exceptions Processes - Includes Deposit, Pre-Payment, Enclosure and Special Mailing Form, In Lieu of Invoice Form, Department of Homeland Security Form, Emergency Check Pickup


Business Expense Reimbursement (BER) - Foreign Individual Reference Sheet
BER Vendor Type - B2 or WT Visa Holders Certification


Corporate Card Information and Application
Credit and Trade References


Definition of Receipts - Guide to receipt requirements and examples.
Direct Deposit Form
DUNS & Tax ID/EIN Number FAQ - When conducting business with Harvard University, outside organizations or vendors may request one or more identification numbers. These numbers may be called DUNs Numbers, Tax ID, TIN, EIN or FEIN and are used to formally identify Harvard as a legally-registered entity for tax exemption purposes or to validate Harvard’s financial stability for credit and loan applications. Use of any Harvard identification number is STRICTLY LIMITED to official Harvard business.


Paymode-X - Electronic Vendor Electronic Payment Tool
Payroll - see Central Payroll
PCard Information and Application




Tax Forms

Training Portal - Harvard Training Portal is the University’s system for compliance and professional development training.