General Business


Policy Statement

Harvard University requires that faculty, staff, researchers, students, or other individuals who plan for or purchase products, equipment, supplies, and services with University funds, base purchases on sound business practice, best value, accountability, and compliance with donor, sponsor and regulatory requirements. Individuals...

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Time Entry and Approval for Non-exempt Employees

Policy Statement

This policy provides guidance to all non-exempt employees, employees who are eligible for overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and their Time Approvers regarding the reporting and approval of hours worked and absences.

Reason for Policy


Timely and accurate reporting and approval of hours worked and absences taken are important for a variety of reasons....

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Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers


Policy Statement

One of Harvard’s fundamental internal controls is the proper review and approval of transactions.  Preparing or approving any part of a transaction is a significant responsibility.  This policy defines and codifies the responsibilities of individuals who spend Harvard funds and who prepare and approve transactions.  Individuals who spend funds or who...

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Short-Term Operating Advances

Policy Statement

 Harvard only permits a short-term operating advance (STOA) account for human subject payments or short-term projects where use of other payment methods is not feasible. Under a STOA, Harvard cuts a check to an individual (custodian) who manages and disburses the funds on behalf of a project; the custodian must return any unused funds to Harvard by 30 days after the end date of the project.  Harvard requires all tubs that request or maintain STOAs to do the...

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Staff Mobile Phone Policy

Policy Statement

As of September 1, 2016, the University will adopt the current Staff Mobile Phone Policy pilot program as a permanent policy. The University will continue to evaluate the policy periodically and may introduce changes for both new and existing staff in the future.  Individual Harvard schools or units may have implemented more restrictive policies; staff should refer to local policy for more information.

New Harvard University staff and existing staff who did not have a Harvard mobile phone or receive reimbursement or other subsidy for a...

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