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Quick Reference: Financial Policy Summaries

Effective 07/01/2019
The Revised Independent Contractor Policy with early adoption encouraged can be found

Effective 01/01/19
Software Accounting Policy - Previously Accounting for Internally-Developed Software
12/18/18 - Slides from 12/18/18 Software Accounting Policy Information Session

New 7/1/18 
Procurement Policy - new policy effective 7/1/18
Financial Management of Property, Plant and Equipment - updated 7/1/18

10/25/18 - Slides from 10/25/18 Prize, Grant, Award or Fellowship Policy Review Session

09/27/18 - Slides from 09/27/18 Travel Policy Information Session

08/23/18 - Slides from 08/23/18 Back to School Financial Policy Refresher Information Session

06/29/18 - Slides from 06/29/18 Procurement Policy Information Session

06/28/18 - Slides from 06/28/18 Property, Plant and Equiment Information Session

04/26/18 - Slides from 4/26/18 Vendor Set-Up Process Policy Information Session

02/22/18 - Slides from 02/22/18 Taxable Reimbursements Policy Information Session

01/25/18 - Slides from 01/25/18 ROPPA Policy Information Session

01/18/18 - Guidance Regarding Gifts to Donors

01/17/18 - ROPPA Training Requirements

10/01/17 - Bank Accounts Policy has been updated

10/01/17 - DUNS, Tax ID and EIN Numbers FAQ

Recent Additions

10/26/17 - Slides from the Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Session

9/15/17 - Definition of Receipts - Guidance on what is required for a receipt

9/1/17 - The Human Subject Payments Policy has been updated with additional training materials

Online ROPPA Training (Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers Policy)

Informational Brochure: Reference Guide for Purchasers

Sponsored Travel Policy Update Brochure



Upcoming Policy Events

2019 Apr 25

Processing Commencement Prizes, Grants, Awards Policy Review Session

11:00am to 12:00pm


Lamont Library, Forum Room

Confused on what the differences are between prizes, grants, and awards?
Want to know how and when to process these types of payments, what object code to use, and when they may be reportable or taxable?

If you share these questions or have similar ones, please join us on Thursday, April 25 from 11:00-12:00 in the Lamont Library, Forum Room.


Read more about Processing Commencement Prizes, Grants, Awards Policy Review Session