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COVID-19 Updates:
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Cash Receipts Guidelines
Construction Closing Costs for Suspended Construction Projects due to COVID-19
Guidance Regarding Independent Contractor Policy Requirements
Guidance Regarding I-9 Collection
GLACIER Submission Guidance (Secure Upload)
Internal Controls (Key Controls) Guidance
Inventory FY20 Guidance due to COVID-19
Invoice Payment Guidelines
Payroll and NRA Emergency Operations Changes
Reimbursement Expenses for Remote Work - Business Expense Policy
Sponsored Expenses FAQ
Travel Guidance

Quick Reference: Financial Policy Summaries

01/21/20 - Payment Categories and Hiring Methods if Classified as an Employee
11/12/19 - Tax Implications for Moving, Recruiting, Visas and Related Expenses
10/01/19 - Air Travel Guidelines at a Glance
10/01/19 - Independent Contractor Classification PI/Researcher Guide
09/26/19 - Slides for 10/26/19 Supplier Onboarding Process Session
08/22/19 - Slides from 8/22/19 Back to School Policy Refresher

Effective 07/01/2019
The Revised Independent Contractor Policy can be found

Effective 01/01/19
Software Accounting Policy - Previously Accounting for Internally-Developed Software
12/18/18 - Slides from 12/18/18 Software Accounting Policy Information Session

Effective 7/1/18 
Procurement Policy - new policy effective 7/1/18
Financial Management of Property, Plant and Equipment - updated 7/1/18

10/25/18 - Slides from 10/25/18 Prize, Grant, Award or Fellowship Policy Review Session

09/27/18 - Slides from 09/27/18 Travel Policy Information Session

08/23/18 - Slides from 08/23/18 Back to School Financial Policy Refresher Information Session

06/29/18 - Slides from 06/29/18 Procurement Policy Information Session

06/28/18 - Slides from 06/28/18 Property, Plant and Equiment Information Session

04/26/18 - Slides from 4/26/18 Vendor Set-Up Process Policy Information Session

02/22/18 - Slides from 02/22/18 Taxable Reimbursements Policy Information Session

01/25/18 - Slides from 01/25/18 ROPPA Policy Information Session

01/18/18 - Guidance Regarding Gifts to Donors

01/17/18 - ROPPA Training Requirements

10/01/17 - Bank Accounts Policy has been updated

10/01/17 - DUNS, Tax ID and EIN Numbers FAQ

Recent Additions

Online ROPPA Training (Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers Policy)

Informational Brochure: Reference Guide for Purchasers

Sponsored Travel Policy Update Brochure